Foundation and Alumni Relations Staff Online Auction – Round Three– Last Chance

Foundation and Alumni Relations is in its final week of its annual Staff Online Auction, for Niagara College staff only. We hope you had fun bidding so far.

Make sure to check out the great new and final auction packages featured for round three. The auction features great merchandise and services, valued at over $5800, from trusted businesses that have generously donated to the College. Using auction style bidding, you can place bids on the available items. If you are the highest bidder you can pay for and receive the items at the Foundation and Alumni Relations office at the Welland Campus, Black Walnut Room B2. Arrangements can also be made for delivery of items to successful bidders to any campus.

Be sure to visit the auction website here and remember to bid high and bid often. Don’t forget to scroll WAY down when you get to the auction site to see the new items.

All Niagara College staff members are invited to view the auction items during office hours at the Foundation and Alumni Relations office in the Black Walnut building, Room B2 at the Welland Campus. For more information please call Alison Burgoyne at ext. 7551.

NEW THIS YEAR – The auction will run for a period of three weeks featuring three separate auction rounds. Each will run for a one-week period opening on the Monday at 9 a.m. and closing on the Friday of that week at 3 p.m. All auction items must be paid for and picked up on a weekly basis. See schedule below for Round Three payment and pick-up details.

Auction Round One: Nov. 19th – 9 a.m. to Nov. 23rd – 3 p.m. Payment and pick-up arrangements must have been made by Tuesday (3 p.m.), Nov. 27th.

Auction Round Two: Nov. 26th – 9 a.m. to Nov. 30th – 3 p.m. Payment and pick-up arrangements must be made by Tuesday (3 p.m.), Dec. 4th.

*Auction Round Three: Dec. 3rd – 9 a.m. to Dec 7th – 3 p.m. Payment and pick-up arrangements must be made by Tuesday (3 p.m.), December 11th.

Get ready for Round Three (our final round) and good luck!

Proceeds from the auction will help fund equipment and learning resources to support student learning and success.

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