InsideNC contest: Who was the NC staff member in the Northern Pikes video?

On Friday, Nov. 16, InsideNC posed the question: Name the NC staff/faculty member in this vintage video (view the video clip here).

Who was the mystery person in this 1984 Northern Pikes Public to Notice video? None other than NC’s chair of Media Studies, Greg Unrau.

Unrau’s three appearances in the video can be seen at 1:20, 2:53 and3:17 (hint: he’s wearing glasses).

Congratulations to David Niven (BTRF) who was the first person to guess correctly. Niven has won a Benchmark gift card.

While Niven wasn’t the only correct reply, InsideNC also received incorrect replies, misidentifying the person in the video clip as John Levay and Gordon Hunchak.

Thank you to all who participated in this week’s contest!

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