Williams meets sustainability challenge

Darren WilliamsHealth and safety coordinator Darren Williams met the October sustainability challenge, filling a large recycling bin with donations to the SAC food bank, earning himself a coveted green jersey while generating important contributions to an essential service for students in need.

Williams had been challenged by Jacquie Miller, who earned the September green jersey by drastically reducing paper consumption in the VP of corporate services office.

Williams, in turn, has challenged Heidi Lambrechts from the dental programs to generate 500 new sign-ups for the NC sustainability pledge.

“I’m very proud of Darren for his efforts and the contribution he was able to make to SAC,” said Lambrechts. “With my upcoming challenge I look forward to increasing awareness of the efforts we can make that will create a more sustainable environment. My goals is to inspire students and staff by becoming a leader in this area. Sustainability impacts all aspects of our life, and I hope everyone at NC will take the pledge.”

Above right: Darren Williams, left, receives his sustainability jersey from NC’s sustainability coordinator Taryn Wilkinson.

What can you do?

You haven’t been issued a challenge but want to get involved? Why not complete the challenge alongside the person who was challenged? The more people that participate, the greater the impact.

If you are completing the challenge alongside the person challenged, email Taryn Wilkinson at tawilkinson@niagaracollege.ca, and your name will be added to the list of participants.

How it works

• Upon completing your challenge, you will have the opportunity to select an individual or group you would like to challenge. You may challenge any Niagara College employee(s) who has not completed a challenge previously or does not currently sit on the Sustainability Committee.

• The person who just completed their challenge and is challenging another employee(s) will get to select the challenge they want this person to complete.

• The scope of your challenge can vary, keeping with the theme of sustainability and its three pillars: environmental, economic and social. You can also keep with the theme of our five target areas: electricity, carbon emissions, water, waste and paper consumption.

• The challenge you wish to issue must be approved by the chair of the Sustainability Committee and the sustainability coordinator to ensure it aligns with the College’s sustainability goals.

• You may also go above and beyond your challenge! If you are challenged to not use the lights in your office for two weeks, do three weeks instead. We will be highlighting all challenges and achievements on our sustainability website.

• Challenges will be issued on the first of the month and you will have the duration of the month to complete your challenge.

• Upon completing your challenge you will receive a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey. You will also have the opportunity to autograph a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey that will be on display.

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