Sustainability Update: Making the most of compost

compost heap 

There’s a pretty big pile south of the greenhouse these days, and the greenhouse staff and horticulture students who built it are beaming with pride.

The compost heap represents about a year’s worth of grass clippings, greenhouse clippings, chipped branches, grape stems and skins from the Teaching Winery and materials from the on-campus flower beds.  According to manager of campus development Jim Thomson, the college-made compost will be used around campus in a variety of ways this fall, from top dressing in the native tree nursery to insulation and nutrients in the flower beds where bulbs have been planted.

It’s the fifth year that the College has collected its own compost for on-campus use, and Thomson says more and more is being produced each year.

“The pile is getting bigger and bigger as we become more aware of the number of things that can be composted,” he said.

In addition to being a natural fit with NC’s focus on incorporating sustainability into College operations, the on-campus composting also makes financial senses, according to Thomson.

“If we were to buy it, it would cost more than $1,000, and it would be hard to find something of this quality,” he said.

Did you know?

NC will soon be expanding its composting program to include Tim Horton cups, paper towels, compostable containers and cutlery, food scraps and more? Watch for details.

Sustainability Challenge Update:

Congratulations to Darren Williams, who completed the October Sustainability Challenge of filling a large recycle bin with food for SAC’s Student Food Bank. Darren has now thrown down the green gauntlet for November – watch InsideNC next week for details.

Above: Horticultural Technician Jennifer Laverty tends to the compost heap at the NOTL Campus.

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