Laureen Ventnor, longtime member of the library staff, passes away

Laureen VentnorIt is with sadness that we report the passing of Laureen Ventnor on Saturday, October 27, 2012. Laureen retired two years ago after 27 years as a library technician at Niagara College Libraries. Laureen was also an NC graduate from one of the earliest graduating classes at NC.

Her former colleagues describe Laureen as someone whose optimistic, caring nature endeared her to everyone who worked with her: Library colleagues, faculty and NC staff alike. She always showed great concern for the needs of others and the students were particularly happy to arrive at the circulation desk to see Laureen smiling back at them as she was always ready to help them, whether it was a shoulder to cry on, or help with their assignment. She put everyone else ahead of herself and was a shining example of what library service is all about. She will be greatly missed. Please find more details in Laureen’s online obituary.

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