September’s Sustainability Challenge met

Pictured: Jacquie Miller sports her NC Sustainability jersey which she earned by completing September’s Sustainability Challenge.

September’s Sustainability Challenge has been met – and then some!

On Niagara Day, vice-president Academic Steve Hudson challenged Jacquie Miller, executive assistant to vice-president Corporate Services Teresa Quinlin, to reduce the paper consumption in the Corporate Services office.

Miller not only met the challenge, she reduced paper consumption by 60%. She achieved this primarily by switching to double-sided printing and encouraging Quinlin to use her laptop for meetings and other tasks.

Miller said that being called upon to reduce the amount of paper consumed in the vice president, Corporate Services’ office was an excellent challenge. 

“Since being challenged, not only have I reduced our consumption by almost 60%, I have become more cognizant of what and why I print things. I now ask myself if something really needs to be printed before sending it to the printer,” she said. “Further to the challenge, I have become more aware of lights being on in empty classrooms.

“Instead of just walking by, I now turn the lights off to save electricity. I challenge everyone in the College to do the same.”

Under the new NC Sustainability Challenge devised by NC’s Sustainability Committee, Miller received a special green jersey and won the right to challenge someone else by completing the challenge. She has challenged health and safety coordinator Darren Williams to fill an entire recycling bin with food donations for SAC’s student food bank.

Williams will be looking to his colleagues for assistance in meeting the goal.

“I’m pleased to take part in NC’s Sustainability Challenge. Part of what makes Niagara College so special is the way so many people from different backgrounds work together to achieve a common goal,” he said. “This is an opportunity to go one step further and help those in need. Please help by donating a non perishable food item today.”

What can you do?

You haven’t been issued a challenge but want to get involved? Why not complete the challenge alongside the person who was challenged? The more people that participate, the greater the impact.

If you are completing the challenge alongside the person challenged, email Taryn Wilkinson at, and your name will be added to the list of participants.

How it works

• Upon completing your challenge, you will have the opportunity to select an individual or group you would like to challenge. You may challenge any Niagara College employee(s) who has not completed a challenge previously or does not currently sit on the Sustainability Committee.

• The person who just completed their challenge and is challenging another employee(s) will get to select the challenge they want this person to complete.

• The scope of your challenge can vary, keeping with the theme of sustainability and its three pillars: environmental, economic and social. You can also keep with the theme of our five target areas: electricity, carbon emissions, water, waste and paper consumption.

• The challenge you wish to issue must be approved by the chair of the Sustainability Committee and the sustainability coordinator to ensure it aligns with the College’s sustainability goals.

• You may also go above and beyond your challenge! If you are challenged to not use the lights in your office for two weeks, do three weeks instead. We will be highlighting all challenges and achievements on our sustainability website.

• Challenges will be issued on the first of the month and you will have the duration of the month to complete your challenge.

• Upon completing your challenge you will receive a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey. You will also have the opportunity to autograph a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey that will be on display.

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