NC Explorers’ Club charts course for adventure of a lifetime: Antarctica

Pictured: A special polar explorer ship will take NC Explorers’ Club adventurers to Antarctica in Dec. 2013. The photo is courtesy of Pat Rochon, national sales manager, The Adventure Centre.

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure is on the itinerary for the Niagara College Explorers’ Club.

The club is planning a trip to Antarctica and Easter Island for December 2013 and is seeking those who may be interested in joining in on this exciting opportunity to attend an information session on Oct. 10.

The trip will include a 11-day cruise to Antarctica. Guests will sail across the famous Drake Passage down to the Southern Ocean, viewing spectacular icebergs and the fascinating other-worldly landscape of the most remote continent on the planet. After landing on Antarctica, guests will have the rare opportunity to walk among the penguins and camp out for a night under the midnight sun like the early explorers. On the way home, the trip also offers an option to visit Easter Island, where guests can see the ancient stone ‘moai’ statues the destination is famous for.

This trip is expected to appeal to well-travelled people seeking a unique destination, adventure seekers who are drawn to the thrill of remote places and activities such as sea-kayaking or camping and hiking on Antarctica, photography buffs drawn by Antarctica’s surrounding waters and amazing wildlife, or those interested in the history of exploration.

The NC Explorers’ Club offers educational trips for those who are interested in learning by cultures and places by experiencing them in the company of a trip host who oversees the journey. The club promotes global citizenship and the understanding that all lives on the planet are interconnected, and only by learning about each other and working in harmony can a peaceful, sustainable future be creative. Groups are small which promotes the forming of friendships between fellow adventures.

“The trip to Antarctica is a journey in the footsteps of the great explorers to a unique biome that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet,” said Club coordinator Erica Jurus. “The Explorers’ Club would like to promote awareness of this fragile environment through the experiences of our travellers and our post-trip presentations.”

The trip will be the fourth journey for the NC Explorers’ Club, following its planned mystery and spy-lovers’ tour of England scheduled for May 2013.

An information session will be held Oct. 10, 6:30 p.m. at the Welland Campus. Pat Rochon, national sales manager for the Adventure Centre, the partnering agency for this trip, will be present to provide details and answer any questions about the trip. Anyone interested in the Antarctica trip or learning more about the Explorer’s Club or the Antarctic ecosystem is welcome to attend the information session. Pre-register by contacting Erica Jurus 905-735-2211 ext. 7848 or

NC Explorers’ Club trips are General Interest courses offered to the public as part of the College’s Part-Time Studies department.

For more trip details, click here.


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