Employees upgrade their skills through Niagara College Apprenticeship training


They already have jobs but, thanks to their apprenticeship training at Niagara College, they are now ready to embrace a new career challenge.

Sept. 21 will be graduation day for 12 students who have completed Niagara College’s Information Technology Contact Centre Customer Service agent program. The students all work for Niagara-on-the-Lake-based company Quickservice Technologies Inc., a leading vendor and installer of Point Of Sale equipment and management solutions for the multi-unit quick service restaurant market.

After completing their studies on a part-time basis over a three-year period – although the program has since been changed to a two-year program – the students will receive Certificates of Achievement along with their transcripts. The program has upgraded their skills to qualify them for work in the company’s contact centre.Joel Stapley, project officer responsible for overseeing the Contact Centre apprenticeship programs provided by the College, said he is very satisfied to see the successful culmination of years of hard work through the convocation ceremony.

“It has provided the students with a chance to develop their skills through a recognized apprenticeship program. The sense of achievement coupled with the opening of new career opportunities is a win-win for the students,” he said. “For the College, this program represents a unique partnership with local employers to continue the development of community relationships and growth of the Niagara College brand throughout the region.”The ceremony will be attended by NC representatives including Fiona Allan, director of Workforce and Business Development, Kevin Hewitt, manager of Apprenticeship and Technical Training, and Joel Stapley, project officer for the Information Technology Contact Centre Apprenticeship Programs. Lorne Johnston, regional program manager, and Line Breton, employment and training consultant for the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities will also be present.


NC offers several hands-on apprenticeship training programs for those who wish to work in skilled trades or occupations. Ninety percent of apprenticeships involve on-the-job training by employers or sponsors of training.

The ceremony will be held on Sept. 21, 11 a.m., at the company’s headquarters: 342 Townline Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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