NC staff member’s YouTube video gets picked up by TV show

Above: Noah Tuyp, 9, is shown on a YouTube video filmed on Christmas morning in 2011.

It was a scream that was heard around the world.

It all started on Christmas Day in 2011, when on-campus recruitment coordinator Shauna Tuyp recorded her nine-year-old son Noah’s reaction to receiving his long-awaited Xbox. She posted the video to YouTube which has had more than 650 views to date.

The attention however, didn’t stop there. Last month, Tuyp was contacted by a company in Japan who is interested in purchasing the video for a nationally broadcast TV show.  She was also recently notified that the video has been shortlisted for another TV show about fun times as a mother.

To view the video featuring a very excited Noah Tuyp, click here.

Warning: You may want to lover the volume on your computer/speakers first!

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