Lesley Calvin appointed manager, Student Engagement and Leadership

Welcome to Lesley Calvin, recently appointed manager of the new Student Engagement and Leadership unit of Niagara College.

Reporting within the Student Services Division, Lesley will oversee the launch of the college’s Co-curricular Record service for students across the college, as well as support other key student life and success initiatives such as Orientation and community service learning.

“Lesley brings with her a deep knowledge and passion for student engagement and leadership. She walks the talk personally and professionally,” reports Brigitte Chiki, Director, Student Services.

For example, Lesley recently completed a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership at Medaille College (NY, USA), focusing her thesis on the concept of leadership at all levels and the role of influential power to advance growth in the individual, organization, and community.

Lesley has excellent familiarily with Niagara College, having prior work experience in the International Division as International project specialist since 1999, as a part-time professor and curriculum developer and, most recently, as project specialist supporting the early research and development of the college’s co-curricular record service.

Lesley has energetic and creative multi-media plans to launch the co-curricular record service to new students and the entire student body starting with next week’s first-year orientation program.

For a sneak peek at a student-produced video, click here.

Lesley begins her new duties on Tuesday, September 4th.


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