They really ‘like’ us!

On the morning of Aug. 13, Niagara College has reached a significant milestone – more than 10,000 ‘likes’  on its Facebook page. 

Marketing manager Dorita Pentesco noted this is significant because 10,000 people have enough interest in Niagara College that they choose to follow the college on Facebook and NC now has more than 10,000 people who see the college’s messages on a daily basis.

In November 2009, NC’s Facebook page had 1,594 ‘likes.’ This rose to just more than 5,000 in July 2011. By August 2012, NC’s ‘likes’ doubled from 5,000 to its current 10,008.

How does this compare to other colleges’ Facebook pages? When it comes to the number of ‘likes,’ Mohawk College currently has 6,084, Fleming College  has 6,397, and Fanshawe College has 9,760.

“This increase in Facebook followers is as a result of Marketing + Communications’ efforts to ensure that we have frequent and rich content, that supports building of the NC brand, posted to our Facebook site every day,” says Pentesco. “Facebook is an important way to promote brand messages as well as build relationships with our stakeholders and it’s good to see NC’s success with this social media channel.”

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