Recruitment products move to 100% recycled paper

Congratulations to the Marketing and Communications Department for moving to 100% recycled paper for the College’s 2013-2014 recruitment products, which include the career guide, post-graduate studies guide, at-a-glance brochure, degree brochure and posters.

The move to the Canadian-made, 100% recycled paper product has resulted in a reduced environmental impact equivalent to:

· 156 trees (which would cover the size of 10 tennis courts);

· 573,944 litres of water;

· 8,694 kg of  waste (or 177 garbage bins);

· 22,598 CO2 (or the emissions from eight cars for an entire year);

· 255Gj of electricity (which would power two households for a year); and

· 67kg NOx emissions (or the emissions of one truck for 207 days).

(Sources: Environmental Paper Network,

The department further reduced the environmental impact of the recruitment materials by reducing the page count of the Career Guide by 128 pages. If we print 15,000 copies of the Career Guide we would save almost two million sheets of paper!

This Week’s Tips

Use less paper by slightly increasing the margins of your document, while using a smaller font size.

Save energy by using a power strip. Shut down your printer and computer each night, and flip the switch on the power strip to shut of electricity to all peripheral devices. Speakers, scanners, extra monitors, etc., can use phantom electricity while waiting in standby mode.

Cut your costs and reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling to work.

Did you know?

The average tree is 75% water?

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