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Check out what a View Magazine article has to say about to NC grads who opened their own bakery. 

Here’s an excerpt from the article, New in Food (July-19-25, 2012) by Deborah Warner:

Even other business owners are impressed with the level of success that Nickey Sherman and Josie Rudderhan have enjoyed with their bakery Cake and Loaf. Nickey and Josie met at Niagara College but lost touch for years. Then one day the two friends met up for coffee and realized that they both wanted t open a bakery and just decided to go for it. But Cake and Loaf isn’t your grandparent’s bakery. These two talented women are making cakes that are insanely cool looking. You just have to check out their website, to see how creative they really are. In fact, they are helping another VIEW Magazine Best of Food Winner, Gorilla Cheese, celebrate their anniversary in a big way. “We are baking a huge gorilla cake…It will feed 200 people. It’s going to be massive… maybe 75 pounds.” Even though Nickey admits she’s a little nervous she definitely has experience with over the top detailed cakes. “Cake wise I was really proud of the Listerblock cake we made. It was made for Tourism Hamilton. It was a great success.” These two sneaky ladies get their patrons to eat healthy even when they think they are indulging “I think we offer a different sort of product. Everything is from scratch. We use unbleached organic white flour. We sneak healthy bits in. We put wheat germ or oak bran into the majority of our baked goods.” Although eating cake all day should be allowed, Cake and Loaf offers more than just what will satisfy your sweet tooth. They have fresh loaves of bread and offer lunch menu options including meatball subs and savoury salads. V

The entire article may be found here on View magazine’s website.


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