Sustainability tips: Ditch the red pen, go unplugged

Welcome to the second in a series of sustainability updates, tips and helpful information.

Information is key as we pursue our goals of reducing paper consumption by 50%, achieving a 65% diversion rate for waste, reducing electricity consumption by 10%, greenhouse gas emissions by 10% and water consumption by 5%. As a College we need to build an understanding of what our individual and collective environmental impacts are, and what we can do to build a more environmentally responsible and sustainable learning community.

Be sure to read about NC’s focus on sustainability in the most recent issue of encore, and check out NC’s sustainability web site.

Todays tips:

  • Reduce your paper use by ditching your red pen and editing documents electronically. Take advantage of on-screen editing features when making changes to draft documents.
  • Go unplugged – unplug devices that aren’t in use. Did you know that fax machines actually use more electricity when they are in standby mode than they do when faxing?
  • Bring a re-useable water bottle to work and try one of our new re-filling stations.

Did you know:

Approximately 50% of municipally treated water is used for water gardens and lawns in the summer months?

Try installing a simple rain barrel to capture rain water and use that in your garden instead! Rain water is actually better for your plants because of the minerals and nutrients in the rain water! Concerned we haven’t had much rain this year? Consider saving the water you use to wash your fresh fruits and vegetables to use in your gardens instead of tap water. You will not only save water but you will save money too!

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