London calling

Pictured: Cam Brady stands before the River Thames in London, England.


While his classmates are caught up in the excitement of graduation, 22-year-old Cameron Brady is an ocean away in London, England, with a view of the River Thames from his desk in the city’s bustling business district, preparing for an event the world will be watching – the Olympic Games.

After several rounds of interviews with the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, the soon-to-be graduate of Niagara College’s Applied Business: International Commerce and Global Development program has landed a job as the venue logistics manager for UPS Ltd. Brady is not only managing the planning, scheduling and delivery of all in- and out-bound freight for six training venues in London, he is travelling across the city to manage a crew of people to ensure all deliveries are carried out in time for the Games, while providing assistance to Olympic venues.

While taking the job in London means that he will miss his convocation ceremony, Brady feels fortunate to be in the position he is in – one he never imagined when he first enrolled in the four-year bachelor’s degree program at NC. He believes the program was a good fit with his work ethic and determination to succeed, and that it offered a balance between scholastics and practical learning that steered him on a progressive path.

“I cherish my time spent at Niagara College and will forever value the direction professors and colleagues have sent me in,” he said. “The professors themselves were fantastic in sharing their real-world experiences in order to interpret the curriculum.”

Brady credits the program’s mandatory co-op position with helping him establish his professional network, and leading him to where he is today. As part of his co-op term with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, he had the opportunity to work as an accreditation officer under the Summit Management Office for the 2012 G8 meeting in Huntsville and the G20 in Toronto. He was responsible for the accreditation of all employees from Pearson International Airport and the Sheraton Hotel, and worked closely with the RCMP to ensure all airlines and government officials were kept safe during their stay in Canada.

It was a life-changing experience for Brady. The responsibility of his first real job helped him gain confidence in his abilities. The experience and the networking opportunities he gained through his co-op term opened the door to his current position. He kept in touch with his former manager who encouraged him to join the London 2012 Organizing team.

“I knew that major event management was the career for me,” he said. “It’s fast-paced, long hours and hectic, but the reward at the end of the day is like nothing I have ever felt.”

In addition to his co-op, Brady gained valuable work experience through his involvements at Niagara College. As a research assistant for the College’s Niagara Research and Innovation during the summer of 2011, Brady was part of a team who worked with industry partners from a social/corporate tour company and a water superstore. He worked on market consulting, advising on industry trends, writing website content and increasing profitability.

He also worked as director of social programming for the College’s Student Administrative Council. The role involved planning student events and working with college staff, directors, VPs and the president to strengthen student engagement, make decisions on behalf of students, and enrich the student experience.

Near the end of his time at NC this spring, Brady managed to complete his studies while interviewing with the London Organizing Committee at the Olympic Games. He flew to London, England on May 11 – just two weeks after he wrote his last exam.

“It’s a dream come true,” he said.

So far, he loves the work. While the position comes with a lot of work and responsibility – not to mention driving on the other side of the road as he transports his crew around London – Brady is up for the challenge. 

“This will forever be the foundation of my career and will hopefully lead me around the world,” he said. “Having Games experience is a gift. I look forward to where it might take me.”


Note: This article appeared in Niagara’s Sun Media newspapers in June 2012.

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