NSI recognizes achievements of its partners — including NC

Stories of positive change and the move toward a more sustainable Niagara were on the menu at The Core on May 23 as the Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI) held its first annual Evening of Recognition.

The NSI was founded by Niagara College graduate and faculty member Evan DiValentino, and through its Carbon Project, the NSI helps community partners — including Niagara College —  reduce their carbon emissions. The event recognized sustainable achievements of the participating organizations in the Carbon Project and shared stories that are inspiring change, building collaboration and moving Niagara towards a cleaner, sustainable community.

The NSI, in collaboration with its partners, also released their first annual Report, which can be found directly on the NSI website. TV Cogeco also covered the event and their video coverage is available online.

Learn more about Niagara College’s sustainability initiatives on NC’s sustainability web site.

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