NC staff member revs up Rankin Run donations with car wash draw

A NC staff member is revving up his efforts to getting donations for the upcoming Rankin Run.

Phil Hayes, associate registrar of Recruitment & Advising, plans to walk his dog Fletcher on the 5-km loop of the fundraiser’s route. Each person who donates $5 to his efforts will be entered into a draw (twice for $10, and so on).  The lucky winner will have his/her car washed and vacuumed by Phil at lunchtime on a weekday once the event is over.

“And when I mean I am going to clean it, I’m not taking the easy way out of driving it through the car wash. I will be washing it by hand, dressing the tires, cleaning the windows (inside and out) …and stealing the change from your ashtray, just like the professionals,” he said in an email. “Imagine coming to work in your filthy jalopy and driving home in a shiny, fresh smelling jalopy.”

Those who wish to sponsor Phil may sign a form in W115 (break room) or the Registrar’s office, or email him via GroupWise.

The Rankin Run, which raises money for cancer support in the Niagara Region, takes place on May 26 in St. Catharines. Niagara College has a rich history of participation in this important community event.
Last year, our Niagara College Community team had 130 participants including students, staff, faculty, retirees and family members, who raised more than $5,500 for this great cause.

For info visit NC’s Rankin Run Team website.

Are you participating in this year’s Rankin Run? Let us know by emailing


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