NC staff members embrace student-created commercials

NC staff members are applauding the student-created commercials now airing on CHCH TV (until June 17, 2012).

As part of InsideNC’s Comic Con ticket contest on Tuesday, InsideNC asked staff to view the commercials and let us know what they liked about them.

View article about NC commercials here.

Here are some of the comments we received:


I am NC  – produced by Paul Schaefer and directed by Miranda Ciolfi

The students who produced this got it right on the money!”

Mark Hughes, Niagara College Marketing & Communications

“I love the unexpected turn to behind-the-scenes at the end; it really emphasizes the application of skills you can potentially develop at NC.  Excellent!

Jaclyn Chambers-Page

“I liked the way the commercial started; it was intriguing and made me want to see what it was about. It was very well done.”

Patricia (Schmahl) Beu, program secretary, Academic Upgrading


Applied Dreams – produced by Zachary Bardoel and directed by Eric Kotarski

“It looked very professional and the music that played throughout the entire commercial was very well suited.  I liked how the camera panned in on each student and they all seemed genuinely proud to be a NC student.”

Derrick Vanderlely, partial-load professor, Office Admin/Bus Admin

“It actually played when I took my daughter to see The Hunger Games and it looked amazing on the big screen!”

Melinda Sawyer, Marketing

“It has a professionally made feel to it. It is very organic and has a nice flair to it. I love this commercial. Congrats to Zachary and Eric.”

Gilles Prescott

I felt that it was the most personal and would really speak to new students.”

Shannon Gale, senior accountant, Financial Services

“’If you’re going to dream, dream big,’ as well as other great messages throughout. Showcased different areas within the college.”

Kathryn Beacham, administrative assistant, School of Justice Studies


Way Better than a Classroom – produced by Mitchell Barnes and directed by James Yates

“This ad captures exactly why the college system was put in place to begin with. To learn, get hands on experience, not just learn from a book.“

Dominic Foli

“It shows that the college provides the hands on experience, not just what you learn from a book.”

Jodie Gauld, text manager

“Great editing.”

John Domitrek

“I think it best showcases the breadth of programs offered here.”

Mike Matheson, lab technologist

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