Student-created Niagara College commercials air on network TV

Pictured: A screen shot of the Applied Dreams NC commercial – one of three student-created commercials being aired on CHCH.

Broadcasting students at Niagara College know what it’s like to have their work aired on network television and the big screen.

Three commercials, produced and directed by third-year students of the College’s Broadcasting: Radio, TV & Film program to promote the College are being broadcast on CHCH TV after their screenings Cineplex Odeon in Niagara Falls.

“There is no better way for students to learn than to take on a real-world project that must satisfy the demands of a real-world client,” said Andrew Stevenson, professor for Broadcasting: Radio, TV & Film. “This year’s student directors and producers really delivered, creating dynamic and creative television commercials that compare favorably to any professionally-produced work.”

Student commercials that were chosen to be aired include:

• Way Better than a Classroom produced by Mitchell Barnes and directed by James Yates;

• Applied Dreams produced by Zachary Bardoel and directed by Eric Kotarski; and

• I am NC produced by Paul Schaefer and directed by Miranda Ciolfi.

Twenty-four-year-old Buffalo, New York resident Eric Kotarski enjoyed the experience of creating the commercial. “I’ve had three of the greatest years of my life studying here at Niagara College, so I’m incredibly happy to be able to give back to the institution,” he said. “It really is a tremendous honour.”

He believes his commercial not only showcases the renovated campus, but the diversity of the school. “I got to meet many wonderful people, and found out that this school is truly the place for any person, of any ethnicity, of any faith, no matter who you are,” he said. “Like the commercial says, ‘With the right amount of determination, you can achieve anything.’”


Paul Schaefer, 21-year-old Guelph resident, said the experience added value to his education. “I felt it was a great experience working for the College,” he said. “I felt it beneficial to have a real-world client as opposed to just producing an independent film.”

Mitchell Barnes, Lowbanks resident, enjoyed the process. “It was a lot of hard work and at the same time a lot of fun,” he said. “Absolutely it added value to my educational experience here at NC.”

Twenty-one-year-old Welland resident Miranda Ciolfi enjoyed the thrill of seeing her work during the Cineplex Odeon screening. “I kind of felt like a mini celebrity in my own town. Not many of my friends can say they’ve had anything they’ve done in theaters, but I can,” she said. “If I so happen to be watching TV and it comes on one day, I’m probably going to be one of those nerdy, first-time artists who will call someone (probably my mom) and tell her I saw it or to turn to the channel.”

The commercials will be aired on CHCH TV until June 17, 2012. They may also be viewed on YouTube.

For Applied Dreams click here.

For I am NC click here.

For Way Better Than a Classroom click here.


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