Congrats to Day of Reflection winners

Thirteen NC staff members were honoured for using alternative modes of transportation to get to the Day of Reflection, held Thurday May 3. The winners were:

David Pastirik (planted trees to offset his commute to day of reflection)

Fiona Allen (ran 22km)

Rob Visser (biked 25km)

Norman Young (biked 20km)

Dan Nicks (biked 20km)

Steve Swick (biked 20km)

Steve Collins (biked 15km)

Shawn Kelley (biked 12km)

Melinda Sawyer (municipal bus 15km)

Jeff Stewart (municipal bus 15km)

Laurie Bowder (municipal bus 12km)

Crispin Shafto (biked 7km)

Matt Ball (walked 1km)

Congratulations to all for embracing NC’s sustainability message!

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