Looking for Leo

NC staff, students and the community is asked to look out for Leo, a lost bird.

Leo is the pet of part-time NC faculty member Deyanira Benavides who has been teaching at the College for more than 20 years.

Leo flew away from 57 Cozy St. in Welland. He may be hiding in a backyard, tree, porch, shed, window or roof. 

Benavides notes that Leo is a parakeet Australian budgie who has been trained to respond to words, music and greetings in English and Spanish.

“He sings by whistling and can say ‘hola,’ ‘hello,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘what you doing,’ ‘cotorrito bonito,’ ‘Leo,’ ‘Nira,’ and ‘dita,'” says Benavides. “He is very sociable and friendly, he enjoys listening to anyone playing the guitar, likes spray millet treats, loves to fly into people’s heads, to play with jewellery and to get and give kisses.”

Benavides points out that Leo has been a loving and beautiful pet.

“He must be missing his warm and cozy home and his play pen with his bells and toys,” says Benavides.

Anyone who spots him is asked to call out his name, and he will come to your finger or shoulder.

“If someone calls his name, he will come to rest on the index finger or over the shoulder,” says Benavides. “Do not try grabbing him as he will fly away again, but he can be placed on a counter top or a stick and he will find his comfortable spot once inside.”

Call 905-324-1618 or 905-734-1618 with any information about Leo.




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