Lockdown drills at Welland and NOTL May 9-10

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the College’s emergency preparedness and ensure staff, students and visitors are prepared to respond appropriately in urgent situations, lockdown drills will be held at both main campuses May 9-10.

A lockdown comes into effect when there is a serious threatening situation.  Anyone inside the campus or specific area that is subject to the lockdown must take shelter immediately for their own safety.

The drills will take place at 10:15 a.m. May 9 (Welland Campus) and 10:15 on May 10 (Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus). Representatives from the Niagara Regional Police Service, Niagara Emergency Medical Services, Welland Fire Department, Campus Security and other outside agencies will participate in the exercise. Staff, students and visitors are asked to follow the direction of those running the drill and be aware of the recommended steps for a lockdown situation:

  • Stop what you’re doing
  • Avoid open areas and find shelter
  • Remain calm and quiet
  • Secure yourself within your room; lock the doors, close the blinds and barricade the doors
  • Turn off the lights
  • Turn off cell phone ringer
  • Communicate any injuries to 911 THEN Campus Security
  • Stay where you are until the all-clear is given by police or Campus Security

During the lockdown exercise, the LCD and wayfinding screens at both campuses will display “Lockdown or Shelter in Place” messages, and a public address announcement will be made to commence and conclude these exercises. During the drill, College personnel and student volunteers will be walking the hallways wearing yellow and orange safety vests showing “EPP” on the back. These individuals will be making observations and evaluating what is occurring in different areas of the College while providing guidance on the appropriate steps in the event of a lockdown.

If you have questions regarding the exercise, or emergency preparedness procedures, please contact David Jastrubecki, Manager of Security and Parking Services at ext. 7350.

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