Congrats Carole Rogers-Beaudoin!

Kim Walker, dean of Part-Time Studies, would like to congratulate Carole Rogers-Beaudoin CFD on receiving her certification as Faculty Developer from the Learning Resources Network (LERN). This includes faculty development in face – to- face, on-line and hybrid modalities. In her role as OntarioLearn Coordinator, Carole has been developing online courses and helping faculty achieve the high standards set to teach online.

Carole added these skills to her portfolio:

* Identifying current trends and issues that need to be addressed by faculty development programs.
* Being aware of the latest innovations and best practices in instructional strategies.
* Being apprised of emerging technological advances.
* Understanding the needs and characteristics of today’s learners.
* Being able to address the changing role and needs of faculty.

The Learning Resources Network (LERN) is a leading association in online teaching, programming and faculty development serving around 1,000 colleges and universities every year.  More than 600 institutions of higher education are members of LERN. Educators serve on the LERN Board of Directors and in its leadership councils, creating leadership standards for the field for the 21st century.

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