Dr. Nantel’s gridiron glory with the Argos

NC’s own associate vice president of Research and Innovation could be found  playing touch football on April 22 with Pinball Clemons, Damon Allen, Jordan Younger and a few other past and current Argonauts.

The event was the fifth Annual OCHO Bowl,  a 4-team mini-tournament his league holds each year in honour of Peter “OCHO” Singh, one of his former comrades who was died of a heart attack at age 40. All proceeds from the event went to the Pinball Clemons Fondation. Nantel’s team has contributed $23,000 in the first four years, building a school or two in Kenya. Good fun and good cause.

Check out a photos of Dr. Nantel playing defense by clicking here. Nantel is in photos 1, 2, 3, 17 and 22.

“The ones where he’s lifting me in celebration are because I’d just made a diving pass break-up on 4th down near the goal line, thereby saving a touchdown,” says Nantel. “On the other where we are both jumping in the endzone, we combined for the PBU, both touching the ball (his vertical leap is better than mine, I must say).”

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