Meet NC’s Educators of the Year


Scott Kenney has been named SAC’s Part Time Educator of the Year. The above photo is a testament to his success – it was taken by one of his Digital Photography students, Megan Muir.

Dr. Dawit Eshetu, pictured above, won SAC’s Full Time Educator of the Year award.

Two NC faculty members have an extra reason to smile after being named Educator of the Year by the Student Administrative Council.

Dr. Dawit Eshetu has won the title Full Time Educator of the Year, while Scott Kenney was honoured with Part Time Educator of the Year.

Eshetu is a professor and coordinator of the Bachelor of Applied Business: International Commerce and Global Development program, as well as the graduate certificate program in International Business Management. Born and raised in Ethiopia, and educated in Germany, he immigrated to Canada in 2003 and has been part of the NC faculty since 2006.

He was commended for being an inspirational leader and an asset to the college. Students who nominated Eshetu pointed out that he makes himself accessible to his students; provides them with letters of reference, networking, introduction and job leads; and is alway available to answer questions, give advice and take an interest in what they are doing.

Eshetu thanked the students who nominated him for the award, “especially for seeing what I haven’t seen in myself,” he said. He also thanked SAC for selecting him and, for the wonderful job it does in acknowledging the efforts of professors.

He said that the fact that the award came from students makes it very special to him.

“I always say good students make good teachers.  I have many things to be proud of my job, but the one on top of the list is the quality of my students,” he said. “They are special and I am very proud of them.

“I can’t tell you how much I celebrate their achievements and progress every day.”

Kenney’s award comes to him after only about a year at the college, as an instructor for the new Digital Photography program. He was nominated for being a dedicated instructor, both inside and out of class, ensuring his students understand the information they are taught and trying his hardest to help them succeed. He was also applauded for giving students a chance to do quality work and adapting his teaching methods to their needs.

“Having the opportunity to share my passion for photography to the students of the Niagara College Digital Photography program has been very exciting,” he said. “I feel that my photographic experiences have greatly enhanced my classes, enabling me to motivate and inspire through personal experiences as well as technical ones.”

Kenney said being named Educator of the Year is an honour he is proud of.

“Thank you to all my students … I couldn’t have done it without you,” he said.

Both Eshetu and Kenney received awards at the Annual SAC Educator of the Year Awards Ceremony on  March 26, held at The Core on the Welland Campus. Students submitted nomination forms and the final winners were chosen by SAC based on  not only the quantity of nominations but the quality of comments.

“The decision process for Educator of the Year is a difficult one as many nomination forms come in and it takes a lot of reading and consideration to come to a final decision,” said Jessica Hore, director of clubs and volunteers for SAC. “After we narrow the nominees down to the final four (two part time and two full time), we bring our nominees to our SAC staff and SAC president.

“This year was beyond difficult to make a final decision.”

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