Look who’s on the cover

Staff, students and faculty at NC will see a familiar face on the cover of the latest issue of Canadian Grapes to Wine.

Steve Gill, general manager of NC’s winery and brewery operations, is featured on the front cover of the magazine’s Spring 2012 issue. Gill is pictured standing next to an antique label machine that was donated to the college for display.

When asked about how he got to be on the cover, Gill said it was a surprise to him. Gill met the couple from B.C. who own the publication during their visit to the CFWI for the icewine festival, and took them on a tour.

He had no idea he would be on the cover and didn’t find out about it until he began receiving emails from various people about it this week. In fact, as of March 22, he still hadn’t seen the issue until InsideNC sent him this photo.

The cover photo didn’t get by Karen McGrath, director of NC Library and Bookstore Services. McGrath said the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus Library subscribes to the magazine and they have received the issue with Gill on the cover. What did she think of the cover?

“Excellent,” she said.

Congratulations Steve!


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