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The CEPD Office has a number of upcoming PD opportunities. Highlights include:

* Customer Service – The Disney Way– Webinar at NL Campus

* Building Better Team Communication– Webinar at WC Campus

* How to Build Rapport With Anyone, Anywhere– Webinar at WC Campus

* Microsoft Word: Manipulating and Embedding Charts and Tables– Webinar at NL Campus

* Public Speaking Without Fear– Webinar at WC Campus

* Prezi – Bring Your Presentation Back to Life– With Barb Smith at the NL Campus

* How to Avoid the WORST PowerPoint Mistakes People Make– Webinar at the WC Campus

* Conflict & Confrontation Skills for Women– Webinar at the NL Campus

* Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace– Webinar at the WC Campus

* iPads: Harnessing the Full Power of the Newest Must Have Tool for Work!– Webinar at the WC Campus

* Handling Confrontational Customers– Webinar at the NL Campus

* Creating an Electronic Portfolio: Developing a Professional Presence on the Web– With Barb Smith at the WC Campus

Please note that the CEPD Calendar, with all the sessions’ date and room location details as well as registration instructions, can be found on the CEPD website.

Be sure to visit the website regularly as new sessions are always being added.

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