Tuesday’s Quality Quiz Question

Congratulations to Karen McGrath, who correctly answered that PQAPA stands for the Program Quality Assurance Process Audit, and that it measures our internal quality assurance processes. Karen even tried for extra marks by listing the six criteria the audit will use to measure our quality assurance processes: program learning outcomes; communication of information to students; program structure that conforms to provincial policy; program delivery and evaluation methods; human, physical, financial and support resources and regular program quality assessment involving stakeholders, and focused on continuous improvement.

Karen wins an NC Prize Pack including an NC toque and scarf, water bottle, t-shirt and bag.

Today’s prize is nothing to “wine” about – a bottle of the Niagara College Teaching Winery’s finest. The question: When will the provincial PQAPA auditors visit NC, and what will they do while they’re here?

The seventh correct answer wins. Send your answer to insidenc@niagaracollege.ca. Answers can be found in InsideNC and the quality assurance web site. Good luck!

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