Important clarification re: on-campus parking at Niagara College

In December 2011, the college asked the City of Welland to change its parking fines for 12, 30-minute visitor parking spaces on its Welland campus. The 12 spaces are for short-term parking, conveniently located near the college’s major entrances. 

The request to change parking fines from $10 to $20 for these 12 parking spaces would keep parking infraction fines consistent with rest of campus. Currently, parking violators at all parking lots on the Welland campus – which contains approximately 1,800 parking spaces in total – also receive $20 fines. The $10 parking infraction fine for the 12 short-term spaces was an oversight that the college wished to correct.

The college’s request led to the proposed bylaw amendment at a Welland City Council meeting on Tues. Feb. 7.

An article in The Tribune titled ‘Niagara College wants parking fines doubled’ on Wed., Feb. 8 made no mention of the important fact that the request pertained to only 12 out of the college’s 1,800 parking spaces, and applied solely to spots reserved for short-term visitor parking. It also failed to mention that the existing fine for a parking infraction at the college is already $20, except for the 12 spaces in question.

The article further suggests that the daily paid rate for on-Campus parking at Niagara College is $12, when in fact the $12 rate applies solely to the short-term/visitor lot at the Welland Campus; the daily paid rate in all other campus lots is $6.

Niagara College is dedicated to ensuring that ample parking is available for students and visitors. Students and staff have the option to purchase an annual, term or monthly parking pass for on-campus parking. For students, the cost of the two-term parking permit amounts to approximately $1.37 per day, which is among the lowest parking fees at all colleges and universities in southern Ontario.

The college is also committed to building strong relationships with neighbours, as demonstrated by its Town and Gown committee where neighbourhood concerns are regularly reviewed – such as on-street residential parking. The college has demonstrated that it is addressing neighbourhood concerns. Its significant investment in parking improvements last fall included the construction of new and expanded lots, dedicated visitor/paid parking, enhanced customer service, improved signage, additional payment machines, and additional parking staff.

The college has no wish to double fines for parking violators on its Welland Campus. Its request to the city was to correct an oversight for 12 parking spots – spaces that are dedicated to ensuring parking is available for short-term visitors to our college. 

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