Minister visits Welland campus to promote tuition grant

Pictured above: Glen Murray, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in the AHI foyer.


Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Glen Murray paid a visit to Niagara College’s Welland Campus Feb. 10, to encourage students to apply for the new 30% Ontario Tuition Grant.

Murray addressed dozens of staff and students who gathered in the foyer of the Applied Health Institute during the early afternoon. He was joined by MPP Kim Craitor, and acting mayor of Welland Paul Grenier. Niagara College acting president Steve Hudson and student Tulliana Duiker were also among the panel of speakers.

Through the grant, Murray said his government is keeping its promise to make a real difference in the cost of tuition for undergraduate students and families. The permanent 30% off grant  was  introduced in September for Ontario college and university undergraduate students who are full-time, have been out of high school for less than four years, and whose parents have less than a $160,000 gross income per year.

About 922 students from Niagara College have already applied for the grant.

“This grant means that eligible students will enjoy the lowest tuition costs in the past 10 years,” he said. “We are being fiscally responsible while at the same time making a profound difference for the students and families who need the financial assistance.”

Craitor applauded the grant for making postsecondary education more accessible and affordable for Niagara families.

“This new grant is part of our government’s commitment to create the best educated workforce in the world by giving our students every opportunity to succeed,” he said. “Ontario’s future prosperity depends on it.”

Hudson noted that there are still many barriers individuals must overcome to complete their post-secondary education and affordability for students – which the new program addresses –  is one of them.

“Although Ontario college tuition fees are amongst the lowest in Canada, we still recognize that students face financial challenges,” he said. “Reducing this challenge and enabling more students to attend college or university, is important to our communities, our students and their future employers.”

Duiker, a second-year Hospitality student in the Tourism Management-Business development program thanked the minister for the grant.

“This grant has really helped me a lot and makes a big difference in the lives of students,” she said.


Tulliana Duiker, second-year student, Tourism Management – Business Development, applauds the grant.

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