CFWI student wins Pulp Kitchen Rising Chef Citrus Cook Off

Three culinary students from three different institutions were pitted against one another to create the three best citrus-themed dishes — but only one student reigned supreme.

Second-year culinary student Chad Shetty of NC’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute won the Pulp Kitchen Rising Chef Cook-Off on Feb. 6. The event was held in Toronto as part of the city’s annual Winterlicious event. Shetty battled competitors from Humber College and Stratford Chef School to create the best  dishes featuring fresh Florida grapefruit, grapefruit juice and orange juice. His victory marked the third consecutive win for the CFWI in this competition.

Sheddy said he was excited about the win, after all the hard work he and chef professors Olaf Mertens and Mark Picone put into preparing for the event. He said he expects that his success will positively impact on his future career.

“The win boosted my confidence and showed me my strength and weakness,” he said. “It was a learning experience all the way through, from start to finish.”

Chef Olaf Mertens, chef Peter Blakeman and chair of the CFWI Craig Youdale joined Shetty in Toronto.

“Shetty was absolutely incredible. His food, of course, was amazing but more important, his professionalism, connection with the crowd, and team work with his fellow competitors and respect with others was well received within the college and the division,” said Youdale. “To be honest, it was no contest .. he was head and shoulders ahead of his competitors.”

Chef Olaf Mertens, chef Peter Blakeman and chair of the CFWI Craig Youdale joined Shetty in Toronto.

I feel great and very happy for Chad. He worked hard and followed the plan and reached the finish line

hard work and practice pays off,” said Mertens.

The students were judged on taste, originality and creativity, presentation, and connection to local Ontario ingredients while complementing Florida citrus.

As winner of the competition, Shetty brought home a $2,000 grand prize.


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