NC cheers on the IceDogs

It seems that Niagara College might be a good luck charm for the Niagara IceDogs.

It was Niagara College Night on Jan. 26 when the IceDogs edged out the Belleville Bulls 6-0 at the Gatorade Garden City Complex, gliding into a tie for first place in the Central Division.

Twenty-five NC staff/faculty members who each won a pair of tickets to the game as part of InsideNC’s ticket giveaway were in the stands cheering them on.

InsideNC checked in with the lucky winners to hear about what they had to say about the game.

Here are some of the comments we received:


“The game was great. Big win for the DOGS!!! I love that Niagara College was well advertised. We definitely stood out from the crowd with our blue jerseys, table at the entrance, and lots of smiling faces. The students that were helping out did a great job. I also loved that Steve, Knightro and Courtney [a student] were involved in the puck drop. Thanks for a great night.”

Joe Abbruscato, Hairdressing program, Maid of the Mist campus


“My husband, and our five year old son Drew, attended this game. They had a great time. My husband was lucky enough to catch one of the tossed Niagara College shirts.  That was certainly a highlight.  My son spoke excitedly about all of the snacks he ate. He was also able to high-five players on the opposing team as they made their way off of the ice.“

Lisa Kernaghan, Mathematics professor


“Had a great time.  It was nice to attend the game and see some of the people we work with but don’t see all the time.”

Tracey Borisenko, assistant to the chair, Academic & Liberal Studies Division


“My son, Nate who is seven thought that Bones would make a better hockey player then the Niagara Knight, he didn’t seem all to impressed with the Niagara Knight’s ‘dress.’”

Kathryn Leistner, career & academic advisor, Career & Academic Advising Centre (CPAAC)


“There was a sea of NC blue hockey jerseys worn by our fabulous recruiting staff. In the words of the half time Tim Horton’s coach who was eight years old, ‘it was awesome.’”

Mark Hughes, Marketing & Communications


“I had a great time; thanks for the tickets!  I always love seeing Niagara College support the community (especially when it comes to the IceDogs); it makes me very proud to work at Niagara College!”

Jaclyn Chambers-Page, Research Support and Information Literacy


“The game was great last night, I took my seven-year-old son and we sat very close to his favourite player, Mark Visentin!”

Melanie Sebastianelli, program technologist/placement officer


“…  it’s always nice to sit with a group where you know some of the people.  Game was good. Best part was they played well even without two of their top players and won 6 – 0! Can’t beat that!!

Larry Clark C.E.T., Application/System Technologist

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