Spotlight shines on Nantel with two TV appearances

Dr. Marc Nantel, NC’s associate vice-president of Research and Innovation and a certified light-and-laser expert, will be revealing his lighter side as he helps children understand some science basics.

Nantel is appearing on television tonight (Jan. 20) at 5:30 p.m. on TVO’s new children’s program, Finding Stuff Out to help enlighten tiny tots on the wonders of wavelengths.

It will be the first of two appearances Nantel makes on the show. He also appears on a later episode to speak on electricity.

Nantel was selected to be on the show partly because of his connection to Scientists in School, a charitable organization aiming to sparking children’s interest in science. He is a board member there and, when the organization did some consulting work for the show, many involved realized it was a natural fit for Nantel to share his expertise when the episode on lighting was filmed.

Although a scientist by trade, Nantel is no stranger to the spotlight. He has previously participated in improv groups, enjoys singing and playing guitar.

Is he about to turn on his brightest performance yet?

“If you want to have a laugh at my expense and learn a few things about light, I encourage you to tune in,” Nantel said. “Just please don’t laugh too loudly.”

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