Aanii, Sago, Ske:no, Tansi, Taanshi, Hello:

A FNMISS student attends a cultural event on campus Welcome to Indigenous Education at Niagara College.

“Instead of forming a line, we should form a circle. The circle is stronger than the line. We are alone in a line, but we are together when we form a circle.”

Our mission is to provide academic and cultural support, in a culturally sensitive manner, and encourage Indigenous student success.

We understand that it can be a difficult transition for you as an Indigenous student when moving to another community. The Indigenous Education staff provides assistance to enhance your academic, personal, social and spiritual life while attending Niagara College. We work closely with Indigenous communities and organizations to enhance success for you, our current students, and prospective students.

Our goal is to help all Indigenous students make their transition into the College community rewarding. We recognize that the transition may be difficult due to differing cultures and perspectives.

While accessing the Indigenous student lounge, students will find a home-away-from-home environment with a comfortable couch and chairs, and staff members who connect with them on a professional and personal level.

Our legal responsibilities

We have a legal responsibility to accommodate ceremonial and religious obligations regarding our students.

According to the Human Rights Code and the Canadian Constitution, Aboriginal Rights, including the right to practice ceremonial observances, is upheld. If a student has requested time away to attend a ceremony and will be missing classes, the student should make arrangements to complete the missed assignments and tests. Arrangements should be made in advance of the missed time.