What Our Students Say

Dawayne Fubler, Tourism Toronto Student Scholarship for CIC 2015 Award Winner and BBAH student discusses the PCMA Canadian Innovation Conference and how Niagara College prepared him to succeed. Read his story.

Through the BABH program, I was equipped with the resources and knowledge necessary to begin a career in the hospitality industry and to carry on to a management level. Between the support from my professors and opportunities connecting me with potential employers, Niagara College has allowed for a seamless and promising transition into the hospitality industry.

Lindsey Whitney, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) graduate

I cannot overstate the importance and value of the BABH Degree from Niagara College on both a personal and professional level. The program is responsive to our dynamic business and hospitality industry, employs caring professors brimming with knowledge and practical experience, and presents a learning environment that is conducive to success. Furthermore, the Degree offers a variety of networking tools, future study options, and the necessary skills to become a great leader. I truly believe that the BABH Degree from Niagara College wasn’t just a wise decision in post-secondary education, but rather a sound investment in the rest of my life!

Natalie Torner, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) graduate, MBA Candidate, Niagara University, May 2013 Advertising Coordinator, Niagara Casinos

Niagara College offers its students many opportunities for entrance awards and scholarships. Learning from industry professionals has taught me more than textbooks could.

Crystal Shortt, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) graduate

The BABH program covered all facets of the hospitality industry – from entry level to executive management; we were well prepared even before graduation. With what I learned throughout my program, I was working in a full time management position in only the 3rd year of my degree. The instructors are all professionals and offer real life advice and experience that enhanced our education. Small classes and hands on work (especially with the co-op) brought a new level of learning both inside and outside the classroom. We were always encouraged to get involved and experience things outside the classes, which made for a seamless transition from learning in school to application in my job.

Colleen Bailey, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) graduate

I can attribute a great deal of my professional development and success to my time spent at Niagara College in the BaBH program. The combination of applied classroom learning and practical co-op experiences were invaluable and I felt confident and ahead of the curve when entering the workplace. I am thankful to the faculty for giving me the skills I needed to land my dream job and am looking forward to the future!

Jennifer Robinson, Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) graduate