T2202A Income Tax Credits

Your T2202A is the tuition payment receipt you will receive from Niagara College for income tax purposes.

How to access your T2202A

To access your T2202A, log in to your MyNC Portal and click on MyFinancials.

Tuition listed will only reflect the current tax year

T2202A Tuition, Education and Textbook Amount Certificates issued by Niagara College will show the amount of eligible tuition and other fees assessed, not the amount of payments made.

You are only allowed to claim tuition and education amounts for the calendar year. For example, if the academic year runs from September 2013 to April 2014, you can only claim from September 2013 to December 2013, and the remaining tuition (January 2014 – April 2014) will be issued for the next taxation year.

Your student account must be paid in full for the current tax year before we will release a T2202A.

Tuition eligibility

Not all tuition fees are eligible for deduction according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

According to the CRA, you cannot claim the following on your T2202A:

  • Material fees
  • Communicable disease screening fee
  • Student Administrative Council fee
  • College Student Alliance fee
  • Health fee
  • Installment fee
  • U-Pass fee (You will receive a separate tax receipt letter for your U-Pass amount.)

Note: If you are on a co-op term you are not considered a full-time student, and will therefore not receive the education amount.

Education tax credit (number of months)

The T2202A will indicate if you were of full time (box c) or part time (box b) attendance. To claim the number of months for the education tax credit, you must be enrolled in a specified educational program at a designated educational institution.

  • Specified educational program: This is a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires at least 10 hours of instruction or work in the program per week, not including study time.
  • Qualifying educational program: This is a program that lasts at least 3 consecutive weeks and requires that each student spend at least 12 hours a month on courses in the program.

The number of months allows you to claim tax credit based on the number of months you attended, multiplied by the monthly amount. For full time you can claim $400.00 per month, for part time you can claim $120.00 per month. You can claim the amount for each whole or part month that you were enrolled.

Textbook amount

Under proposed legislation you can claim the textbook amount if you are eligible to claim the education amount.

If you are eligible to claim the education amount:

  • claim $65 for each month that you quality for the full time education amount; and
  • claim $20 for each month that you qualify for the part time education amount.

You can only claim one textbook amount for each month – the full time amount or the part time amount.

Part-Time Studies and Taxes

Online/in class courses qualify for the education and tuition amount if the fee is more than $100, and if the course is eligible according to the rules listed under “Education tax credit (number of months)” above.

Note: The amount listed on your tax form will be different from what is listed in the printed or online course listing. A portion of the amount listed includes administration and materials fees, which are not eligible. Not all fees are eligible for a credit.