Term one (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
CAPL1199 Computer Applications 3
COMM1133 Writing Strategies 3
ENVR1119 Environmental Biology 3
ENVR1129 Environmental Chemistry 4
ENVR1150 Global Environmental Issues 3
ENVR1207 Environmental Sampling and Analysis 4
MATH1133 Mathematics 3
Term two (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
COMM1430 Technical Communications 3
ENVR1108 Environmental Ecology 3
ENVR1190 Data Management 3
ENVR1265 Laboratory Techniques and Instrumental Analysis 4
ENVR1266 Soil Science 3
MATH1229 Applied Mathematics 3
PERS1198 Workplace Health and Wellness 3
Term three (Co-op) (2019 Spring)
Code Course Name Credits
COOP1100 Co-op Work Term 0
Term four (2019 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
ENVR1293 Environmental Resource Issues and Environment Site Assessments 3
ENVR1335 Fundamentals of Surveying 3
ENVR1336 Microbiology and Toxicology 3
ENVR1338 Hydrology and Water Quality 3
ENVR1339 Analytical Chemistry 4
ENVR1437 Environmental Monitoring 3
Term five (2020 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
ENVR1100 Environmental Laws and Regulations 3
ENVR1441 Environmental Project 2
ENVR1446 Advanced Sampling and Analysis 3
ENVR1447 Air Monitoring and Air Quality 3
ENVR1456 Environmental Protocols 3
GISC1420 GIS Applications 3
Elective Information

Completion of additional General Education elective 1 course required