Information for Graduands

Graduates wait for their ceremony to begin

Congratulations Graduand!

You will receive an email from the Convocation Committee inviting you to RSVP to your Ceremony. A Convocation Package will be mailed to you a few weeks before your scheduled Convocation Ceremony.

Convocation Day: Step-by-Step

Please read the information below for an overview of what happens on Convocation day. Don’t sweat it! We’ll be here for you to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  1. Arrive Early!
    Arrive at the convocation at least one hour before your ceremony. Semi-formal or business casual dress is expected. (Take note: your robe will cover everything above your knees.) We do not have a Coat Check. Please make arrangements to leave your purses, briefcases, valises, coats, sweaters, etc. with family or friends.
  2. Report to the Robing Area
    Report to the Robing Area (follow signs or ask InfoCentre), where you will be given two cards. You do not need to “order” your robes or pay for anything – everything will be ready for you at no charge.
    • You will present your “Gown Card” to receive your gown and hood.
    • Your “Ceremony Card” will be used during the presentation of credentials.
  3. Line up in the Hallway
    Signs will be posted with program names on them – look for yours, and line up with your fellow graduands. A staff person will arrange graduands by last name in alphabetical order.
  4. Proceed to the Auditorium
    Graduands will enter the auditorium in procession under the guidance of the marshals and will occupy the seats reserved for them. Please carry your hood, draped over your left arm and remain standing until the platform guests assemble and everyone is asked to be seated. The ceremony generally runs between 90 minutes and two hours.
  5. Receive your Credential
    At the appropriate time in the ceremony, you will be lined up to cross the stage. Present your Ceremony Card when appropriate to verify your name. When your name is called, walk onto the stage with your hood over your left arm. The Hooder will take your hood and place it over your shoulders. You will then proceed to the President who will present you with your congratulatory scroll. Your credential will be available for pick up in the robing area when you return your gown.
  6. Recessional
    At the end of the ceremony, the platform guests and academic procession will leave the auditorium first, followed by the graduates.
  7. Reception
    A reception for graduates and their guests will be held immediately following the ceremony.
  8. Return your Gown
    Following the reception, go to the robing area to return your gown/hood and receive your credential. When you return your gown and hood, the “Gown Card” will be returned to you. This is your receipt that you have returned both to us. There is a $120 fee assessed to students who do not return their gown and hood.


Robing has no cost, however gowns and hoods must be returned after the ceremony. A $120 fee will be assessed to students who don’t return their gown and hood.

RSVP and Guest Seating

Be sure to complete the RSVP process to let us know you will be attending Convocation. Even if you’re unsure about attending, it’s best to RSVP anyway. Guests do not require a ticket and seating in the auditorium will be first-come, first-served.

Requirements to Graduate

Full-time students: Program personnel will ensure that all course requirements are successfully completed and will confirm each student’s eligibility to graduate directly with the Registrar’s Office.

Part-time students: If you are presently enrolled in the final courses required for your program, you must visit the Registrar’s Office to inform them of your status and to clarify your eligibility to graduate.

If you have not paid your fees in full the College will allow you to graduate. However, your certification will be withheld until all fees have been paid in full. Students with outstanding accounts will not be able to access services such as transcripts and registration.