Landscape Strategies

A selection of views showing naturalized areas at the Welland Campus

Niagara College has committed to integrating sustainable landscape practices at its campuses.

A honeybee feeds at a chamomile flower in the meadow at Welland

What is a “sustainable” landscape?

Naturalization is an alternative landscape maintenance technique for maintaining our natural spaces. Natural processes of growth and change are less restricted, and the landscape is allowed to become more natural than ornamental.

Sustainable landscape practices help reduce large areas of turf lawn which require constant watering and maintenance, and do not support native flora and fauna.

By maintaining selected areas of the landscape through naturalization, we can decrease the need for frequent watering and mowing, and can reduce the need for fertilizer and pesticides too.

Did you know?

Eastern flowering dogwood tree

In 2007 two Nationally and Provincially rare plants were discovered at the Welland Campus, the Flowering Dogwood and the Pin Oak.