Student Recruitment Support Request Form

Three recruitment team members walking in a hallway wearing NC shirts

Use the Student Recruitment Support Request Form to…

  • Inform Recruitment of an activity or event on or off campus (presentation, tour, expo, etc.)
  • Ask for a recruiter to accompany you
  • Request informational material (career guides, etc.)
  • Request swag or incentives to give away at the event
  • Help you generate promotional materials (posters, PA announcement scripts, etc.
  • Help you develop social media strategies
  • Help you develop a strategy for data gathering (prospective students, influencers, employers)
  • Help you set up a contest

How to Access the Form

There are 2 ways to access the Student Recruitment Support Request Form:


Click the button below to go directly to the form.

View the Student Recruitment Support Request Form
Through Blackboard
  1. Log in to Blackboard.
  2. Click the “My Apps” tab.
  3. Click the “Student Recruitment Support Request” link.
    Student Recruitment Support Request

How do I use the form?

On the form there are a number of sections to fill out.

“About You” Section
  • Please include the relevant information pertaining to the Faculty/Staff involved in the activity.
“About the Event” Section
  • Include as much detailed information as possible.
  • This helps determine the best level of support that we can offer (ie. is a recruiter available?)
  • Estimated Attendance: Helps us to know the quality of materials or swag needed.
  • Please note that the time entered uses 24 hour clock formatting.
Once submitted…

Recruitment will be notified and your request will be processed.