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Course Title: Nursing Theory IV

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Code: NURS1495P

Admit Term: 2020 Winter 1201

Credits: 3


You will expand your use of the nursing process and analytical processes assist you to explore the care of individuals and families experiencing and / or predisposed to chronic health challenges requiring rehabilitative, restorative and palliative care as well as mental health issues across a range of life situations.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • NURS1385 - Nursing Theory III AND
  • CLIN1330 - Nursing Practice III AND
  • NURS1358 - Professional Growth III AND
  • NURS1361 - Pathophysiology I AND
  • PHAR1180 - Pharmacology I

Equivalencies for this course

  • NURS1570 - Nursing Theory III
  • NURS1485 - Nursing Theory IV

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