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Course Title: Introduction to E-Business

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Code: MICR1422P

Admit Term: 2020 Fall 1204

Credits: 3


You will learn how to use web analytics to identify an online niche for products or services. You will learn to use web-based tools to assess the commercial viability - demand, supply and profitability - of that niche market. Using sales engineering tools you will prepare a blueprint of the marketing plan for a website that will address the demand and generate revenue as an active ongoing online business. You will map the structure of a business website that will be completed later. You will learn to operate the website from a unique domain which you will have been taught to select. After completing these stages you will learn to navigate the basic structure of a Content Management System, and populate it with Headings and nominal content files that represent the individual web-pages set out in the blueprint you prepared, and on which a business website can be built.

Equivalencies for this course

  • BUSN1422 - E-Business

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