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Course Title: Applied GIS Thesis

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Code: GISC9300P

Admit Term: 2019 Spring 1192

Credits: 6


This course serves as a conclusive part of the GIS Thesis/Project series in the program, followed by the first semester's "GIS as a Profession/Thesis Planning (GISC9302)" and the second semester's "Thesis Project Development (GISC9319)" courses. In this course, you will practise the project management best practices recommended by the PMI to continuously monitor and control the project progress and successfully close the GIS project. Acting as a professional GIS consultant, you will apply the GIS knowledge and skills learned from other courses in the program to formally deliver the satisfactory final results and present the achievements, findings, and recommendations to the client.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • GISC9319 - Thesis Project Development

Equivalencies for this course

  • GISC9310 - Applied GIS Thesis

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