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Course Title: Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems

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Code: ELEC1632P

Admit Term: 2020 Fall 1204

Credits: 4


In this course, you will learn to analyze the dynamic response of several physical systems. In the classroom, you will utilize mathematical tools (differential equations, Laplace Transforms, partial fraction expansion and Newton Raphson techniques) to model, and predict the dynamic responses of linear 1st and 2nd order control systems. In the lab, by integrating a PLC and an HMI, you will program and simulate the control of a complex, real world process's dynamic response to classic inputs. You will implement various compensation techniques for closed loop systems. Finally, you will use Routh and Bode Plots to calculate the stability of a system.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • ELEC1633 - Instrumentation and Process Control Systems

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