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Course Title: Industrial Power Systems and Protection

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Code: ELEC1531P

Admit Term: 2020 Winter 1201

Credits: 4


In this course, you will reduce 3 phase power systems to single line diagrams for the purpose of calculating transient and steady load responses and balanced short circuit transient and steady state responses. The per unit system will be used as the tool to represent and develop the SLD and its' components on a common base. Within the context of power system protection, you will undertake a project, whereby you will engineer a complete fuse coordination study of a typical 15KV factory. You will study transmission lines and their component design. Three phase Autotransformers, their industrial use, and their analysis, will also be covered. Finally, you will study the topic of ARC FLASH safety and its' required PPE, as set out in the CSA standard 462.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • ELEC1440 - Electrical Codes and Commercial Installations

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