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Course Title: Literacy Support and Strategies

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Code: EDUC1154P

Admit Term: 2018 Winter 1181

Credits: 3


You will gain philosophical and practical knowledge to better equip you to be successful in your role of providing, supporting and teaching developmentally appropriate literacy and study skills in subject areas across the curriculum to individuals of all ages. You will study the major approaches, strategies, and resources used to improve literacy through universal design, differentiated instruction and a variety of texts and sources in the domain of children's literature. Individually and in groups, you will design activities to enhance the literacy level of students and clients and provide appropriate modifications and accommodations as may be required on an Individual Education Plan.

Equivalencies for this course

  • EDUC1153 - Introduction to Literacy
  • ENGL1053 - Short Stories
  • ENGL1057 - Storytelling:Behind the Scenes and Between the Lines
  • ENGL1066 - Teaching children's Literature

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