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Course Title: Essentials of Writing to be Understood

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Code: COMM1180P

Admit Term: 2018 Fall 1184

Credits: 3


In this course, you will analyze workplace communication scenarios and use a variety of writing strategies to produce clear, correct, and concise documents that demonstrate an awareness of audience and purpose. You will also develop strategies to incorporate and document research in your prose.

Equivalencies for this course

  • COMM1133 - Writing Strategies
  • COMM1120 - Introduction to Writing and Communicating in the Workplace
  • COMM1140 - Essential Communication Skills for Community Services
  • COMM1150 - Communications for Media Studies
  • COMM1160 - Communication in Healthcare I
  • COMM1016 - Professional Communications for Emergency Services
  • COMM1101 - Language and Communications
  • COMM1104 - Communications I
  • COMM1110 - Business Writing Fundamentals
  • COMM1125 - Essentials of Workplace Communication
  • COMM1510 - Communication Foundations

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