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Course Title: Writing Strategies

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Code: COMM1133P

Admit Term: 2018 Winter 1181

Credits: 3


In this course, you will develop college level and workplace communication strategies. These strategies include reading, writing, and research as demonstrated through problem-solving and critical thinking applied in a variety of practical contexts.

Equivalencies for this course

  • COMM1104 - Communications I
  • COMM1101 - Language and Communications
  • COMM1016 - Professional Communications for Emergency Services
  • COMM1110 - Business Writing Fundamentals
  • COMM1120 - Introduction to Writing and Communicating in the Workplace
  • COMM1125 - Essentials of Workplace Communication
  • COMM1140 - Essential Communication Skills for Community Services
  • COMM1150 - Communications for Media Studies
  • COMM1160 - Communication in Healthcare I
  • COMM1180 - Essentials of Writing to be Understood
  • COMM1510 - Communication Foundations

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