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Course Title: Electrical Theory II

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Code: APPR1388C

Admit Term: 2018 Year 1185

Credits: 5


Apprentices will be following the Ontario College of Trades curriculum for the trade of Electrician: Construction and Maintenance. In completing this course the apprentice will be able to describe Ohm's Law can apply to magnetic circuits, how DC machines operate and what their characteristics are. An in depth study of AC powered circuits so the apprentice will be able to analyze these circuits to predict their operation with regard to voltage, current, power and phase relationships.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • APPR1380 - Canadian Electrical Code I AND
  • APPR1381 - Prints I AND
  • APPR1382 - Electrical Theory I AND
  • APPR1383 - Installation Methods I AND
  • APPR1384 - Instrumentation I AND
  • APPR1385 - Electronics I

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