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Course Title: Engineering Drawings

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Code: APPR1353C

Admit Term: 2019 Year 1195

Credits: 2


Apprentices will be following the Ontario College of Trades Curriculum for the trade of General Machinist. This course will outline a basis of understanding for reading and interpreting geometric tolerancing and dimensioning on engineering drawings. Lessons will progress through a combination of classroom and practical instruction, demonstration and participation. This course will provide the apprentice with the building blocks required to advance their knowledge and understanding through on-the-job training.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • APPR1214 - CNC Turning Technology AND
  • APPR1250 - Trade Theory AND
  • APPR1251 - Trade Practical AND
  • APPR1252 - Applied Trade Calculations AND
  • APPR1253 - Engineering Drawings

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